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    When experience matters…

    West Florida Investigative Services, LLC in St. Petersburg, FL. employs a staff of investigators who possess real world experience in various fields, conducting full scope investigations, surveillance, witness interviews and skip tracing. Mobile Notary and Courier Service available.

    We offer our wide range of professional services for a variety of clients including attorneys, government agencies, businesses, and the general public throughout the state of Florida, nationwide, and internationally. Member, BNI Nexus.

    Judicial Process Service, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County and the State of Florida. Expedited service available.

Trial preparation and witness locating

Trial Preparation/Witness Locates

Trial preparation and witness locating is an important factor in any litigation. Did the official law enforcement investigation search for, and locate, all possible witnesses to the case? Was something overlooked? Did a valuable piece of evidence get missed?

Personal injury case reviews

Personal Injury Investigations

WIFS offers a free case review of your personal injury case. We will strive to provide a comprehensive evaluation and provide an investigation summary of services available to assist you in a successful outcome regarding your litigation.

Internal Corporate Investigations

Internal Corporate Investigations

Security within today’s corporate world needs to be extremely versatile due to the rapidly advancing electronic age we are living in. Occasionally a breach in security takes place and an outside investigation needs to commence, without the civil authorities becoming immediately involved.

Aircraft accident and incident investigations

Aircraft Investigations

When you take on an aviation related case you need an investigator with an aviation background, who knows what to look for, and where to look. This is when everything from licensing and medicals, to maintenance and AD’s needs to be reviewed in depth with an eye for details.

Marine accident and incident investigations

Marine Investigations

Marine accident investigations are by nature very dynamic and in a unique environment. WFIS maintains all necessary equipment to conduct investigations above and below the surface of the water. An important piece of evidence may have been ejected overboard during the accident.

Covert surveillance, video surveillance


Covert surveillance is something that requires very special skills, abilities and equipment. WFIS has all three. When you require comprehensive intelligence information that is normally gathered through surveillance, WFIS provides unparalleled experience.

Comprehensive background investigations

Background Checks

WFIS has access to numerous resources and data providers allowing us to complete a comprehensive background investigation. Each investigation is tailored to the client’s specific needs on a case by case basis. We ensure that you get the information you need.

Evidence collection and evaluation

Evidence Collection/Evaluation

Often times during a law enforcement investigation, due to limited investigative hours, they may miss evidence that may be beneficial to your client. Your client deserves a complete investigation that includes the location and collection of all pertinent evidence regarding their case.

Missing persons

Missing Persons

Law Enforcement can only do so much. When you need the extra investigative skills and time spent on your inquiry, WFIS has an expert investigator on staff skilled at resolving even particularly difficult or complex cases.

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West Florida Investigative Services, LLC. is licensed through the State of Florida , fully insured, and is a member in good standing with the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.
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